Welcome. Or, Budapest Diaries het

1. Didn’t know Cornell didn’t have a math minor. Lars sent an email advertising it. I bet wx would be feeling pretty cheated right about now.

2. The temperature today was insane. It didn’t help that we got pathetically lost in the Budapest wilderness with the sun beating down on us. My fault, I didn’t listen to liangze when he said where the tesco was. We wound up walking the distance between three metro stations (about one third the distance for liangze to walk home from babilon -.-) to Arena Plaza which is an awesome shopping centre! the food there was wonderful, even if they were all chain type restaurants like Il Treno and the typical McDs BK KFC. We have sworn off BK for at least a week. it’s just not as great as its american/singaporean counterpart. Hungarian BK serves soggy onion rings.

Anyway I bought a handbag today. It’s white and purple and oh so beautiful. I started out wanting to buy sandals that would match all my clothes all the time (of the black-nude-ecru-grey-white variety) but in this indie shoe shop i saw this white and purple bag and i fell for it. hook, line and sinker. liangze thinks i have more than enough handbags but he doesn’t understand! Looking at it makes me so happy.

3. We went to Tesco today. while Tesco is like a third rate supermarket in the UK, it’s quite first rate here (Erika says hungary is a poor country) and well i was there looking for fresh prawns because i want to make hay mee. i brought the prima pack for it! anyway there were these absolutely microscopic shrimp on ice , but there were live fish in tanks there so that’s an option if we want to steam fish. doubt it will happen though! Also bought notebooks and mushroom filled tortellini and fresh rucola and PROFITEROLES! They have profiteroles here!!! I love how you get all the lovely english desserts and brands without the expense of actually living in England. (We also visited M&S at the mall and got rose scented deodorant :D)

4. supermarkets here don’t sell ziplocs. why is that? we looked through the entire section of freezer bags (and tesco is a hypermarket here mind you) and nothing. it’s not like we couldn’t read the hungarian equivalent of “ziploc” but we actually peeked in the boxes without tearing them apart and the bags were the kind the kopitiam aunty puts your pau and peng kueh in. -.-

5. I really like the shoes in Budapest. Everyone seems to care about their footwear. There are always nice feet to look at on the train. I sound like a bimbo today. Maybe it comes from reading the Nanny Diaries, which I randomly picked up from my room and am about halfway through.

6. Printed my photos today. To date, due to laziness and ineptitude and the heat, I only have about 8 semi-decent shots and not even anything I’m proud of. sigh. Well they are going to be turned into postcards and sent to you guys haha.



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