Budapest Diaries hat

QUick one before I sleep/do my homework. ugh. Nasty nasty homework. The last time I had to do it was 4 months ago.

1. Amazing revelation: Seafood is not part of the Hungarian diet. We are totally in the wrong country. You can’t find prawns here, fresh or frozen. Or clams, or fresh fish. We got a can of crevettes yesterday (really tiny shrimp) for 999 Ft which is like $5. Ridiculous. By ‘can’ I don’t mean like milo can, but tuna can.

2. Found a chinese supermarket near Zoltan’s house that sells hua diao jiu and oyster sauce and all that good stuff. Don’t know if I’ll be cooking from scratch here though. Seems like rather a hassle. I really don’t mind eating from prima packs and eating out. There is supposedly a lot of good food but I dunno where.

3. We learnt a Hungarian card game called Ulti cause Erika left a Hungarian deck in my room for fun. Also a tarot deck and a regular deck. It’s perfect because it’s for three people and there are exactly three of us. Maybe we’ll purchase a few Hungarian decks to bring home. I managed to win only one round where I bid Badly (‘badly’ is a bid, not a kind of bid). Bidding ‘badly’ means you think you can lose every single trick because your cards are just that sucky and sure enough mine were.

4. apples do not oxidise here after they are cut. it’s amazing. if erika goes swimming at 6 in the morning, she’ll prepare my sandwich and cut apple the night before. Like, she’ll cut it, and leave it out on a dish. In RTP. and today i took my apple and it was completely unoxidized. It’s a mystery.

5. The cute guy in Hungarian class asked for my number today :D He’s the other person with a sense of humor, although Sam is quite funny too. Today he told all of us that when he can’t solve a difficult proof he plays nintendo to get the required ego boost. lol. he completed the classic nintendo (whatever game it is) when he was eight and didn’t really STOP playing so he’s basically godlike at it now and it makes everything alright again after being asskicked by math. I think I should come up with some similar procedure for coping with my abject noobitude in one of my favourite subjects.

6. There are a crap lot of books in my room (and even more in my basement room where I have just moved. There are literally stacks of books surrounding my bed.) looks like erika and andras are real bibliophiles and it is very calming to live with them. Anyway today I picked one up for the tram ride (The Nanny Diaries) and it is quite a nice read. Very brainless. Nota Bene: That is not one of their books, it’s a book one of the american students (of course) left behind after a homestay. Erika’s books are more of the Freud/Joyce Carol Oates variety. Classics. Comfortable, and comforting, like old friends.



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