Budapest Diaries öt

1. Went to a chinese restaurant yesterday (kinai bufe). Contrary to what ‘buffet’ means in singapore, chinese buffets simply mean a 菜饭 stall. you have a buffet of things to choose from, but each individual item costs you. — anyway it was too salty and too oily and not chinese at all. they do have sesame chicken balls (szeszamigy csirke? or smth liddat) that look like the toffeed banana in taipan chinese buffet (an actual buffet) in uxbridge.

2. liangze’s name in hungarian class is zoltan. lol. He sounds like one of ali baba’s forty thieves.

3. a residence permit here costs 18000 forints. why so expensive? i thought i’d be able to get out of applying for one (considering they don’t even know i’m in hungary since i flew over from germany – also a schengen region?) by constant travelling s.t. i’d never be in the country for > 90 days at a time. Was informed today that the schengen passport allowance without a residence permit are 90 days/year in a schengen country “like you have 90 petals on a rose and each day you pluck one off”, not 90 consecutive days only. so i have to go through all the paperwork and bank statements etc. which are a bitch.

4. there is a super cute guy in my hungarian class called jamie. <3 he gets all my jokes and goes out of his way to talk to me. zoltan and i are not in the same class. also, the math majors here are so much friendlier than at cornell.

5. there is a heat wave striking budapest at present and it's sposed to go up to 36 degrees for the next 4 days. ridiculous. erika offered me the basement room which is really cold and nice and next to the library.

6. we cooked laksa today in zoltan's house in a great spirit of solidarity with our fellow singaporeans back home. although it would be bad if his landlady couldn't take the smell. fortunately she really liked it and came in to say jo'l, jo'l (smells good!) and we offered her a bowl. she motioned "ici kicsi" (literally, itsy bitsy) and we dished out some laksa to her. she went back to her apartment to enjoy it and immediately shot back in and said "NAGYOR JO'L! NAGYOR JO'L!" (very good! very good!) ahh i love his landlady. she is such a darling. doing this intensive hungarian course is worth it if only to communicate with her.

7. which reminds me, i’ve been thinking of picking up teochew so liangze and i can communicate with our teochew grandparents. it seems like a shame (and a waste) to study all these romance languages when the important ones that could really bind people back home are ignored and left to die out.

8. I finally know how to pronounce Hungary in Hungarian. achievement! magyarorsza’g! parsing, ‘magyar’ is hungarian, ‘orsza’g’ is country. similarly,
nemetorsza’g = germany
olaszorsza’g = italy
franciaorsza’g = france



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