Budapest diaries #04

Sleepy. Had a long day of language classes that ended at 4:30pm. The classrooms are so hot! Don’t know why they don’t have aircon.

Liangze and Yanshuo and I went for a folk arts fair at the Buda Castle on Sunday. Erika told me about it and told me how to get there. “At Moskva Te’r, walk up the stairs and take the var bus. It’s right there, you can’t miss it.” Hungarians are very fond of giving instructions that involve walking up stairs. Which stairs? the left or the right or the front or the back? Nobody knows. Even when Zsambor was giving me instructions to find the chinese restaurants (kinai bufe) in Moskva Te’r he also told me to “walk up the stairs and then there’s a street and then you walk down it”. it’s ridiculous. But we found our way to the var bus (castle bus) after walking up the stairs and then to the folk arts festival. Entrance was 1500 forints, which is about $6. You get to see all the Hungarian craftsmen with all their intricate pottery and smithery and weaving. There were many looms on site, doing elaborate lace patterns, and very detailed paintings on jugs and plates that were for sale. As well as a lot of wood shavings that would have been a great growth medium for oyster mushrooms. They shave wood into pencils, into whistles (we bought a hedgehog whistle that’s just the cutest thing ever), key chains, little models, running squirrels that you drag along with a string, and all sorts of things.

And the food! huge heated fryers with huge chunks of pork and chicken breast and sausages frying in paprika oil and onions and peppers and potato cubes. Greyish lemonade with limes and lemons and soda water, huge pretzels the size of your face covered with raclette cheese, hollow cakes that are grilled like satay and then rolled in cinnamon sugar… we ate so much! and it was all really expensive. Tonight I made egg salad and ham sandwiches for both of us for practically nothing. We opened a can of baked beans with a manual can opener (I suppose Erika doesn’t eat much canned food) and it was all quite nice. I also bought a bottle of ha’rs mez (honey from some lime tree or something) from the folk art fair because there was a honey stand with so many different flavours of honey i never knew existed, and it is excellent on toast in the mornings with Erika’s big gong4 of green tea.

Here are beautifully iced heart shaped cookies by letter. We got a K one for Klara (liangze’s landlady who kisses him and who brought us out for ice cream :D)



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