Budapest diaries #03

Not sure how much longer I can keep up this consistent writing. Not like I have some dedicated readership or what :P It’s mainly for me to clarify my thoughts I guess. Like butter.

It is nice to walk home up the hills of Hűvösvölgy in the evening. It is very quiet, and the air is clean, so one can think clearly.

– My host couple is very into classical music.
– They live in a nice, quiet, location with a big house with a cleaner who will clean my room and do my laundry.
– Erika is very nice, gives me lots of advice and makes good apricot jam
– Bread and cheese for breakfast is quite nice especially when it’s toasted white bread with gouda.
– Erika likes making me sandwiches and tea. Her green tea in the morning is very nice, even if it’s a huge cup and makes me pee more frequently.
– Eating an apple a day and walking up the hill every day should make me very healthy. lol.
– They listen to classical music for breakfast and Erika is going to recommend me an English speaking piano teacher here. Perhaps she’ll let me play the piano one day when it’s not in the way.

– I do not know if I get access to the living room, the library, and the piano.
– Samu the cat doesn’t seem to like me. He scratched me today and tried to eat my toes.
– I can’t cook all the lovely singaporean dishes and prima packs I brought cause andras is sensitive to smell
– I can boil eggs but her stove operates with a gas tap and match sticks. I’ve never lit a stove with match sticks because I’m afraid I’ll burn myself.
– I am scared of offending them if I don’t like her food and if I don’t finish her tea and if I eat white instead of rye and if I cook eggs and Andras can smell them and if I’m hardly around and if I am not as fascinated with her language and her culture as I should be.
– Liangze is so very far away it’s like conducting a long distance relationship in the same country -_-
– Ujpest Kozpont is so much more modern and has so many more eateries around the house compared to Hűvösvölgy

I think I’m going to stay. Unless some unpassable opportunity crops up. Don’t like the idea of Erika having to go through all the preliminaries again with someone else after she’s spent time teaching me. The language class starts tomorrow. I am not really looking forward to it because it’s sounds pretty touristy with walking tours of the city and everything and them teaching us how to get around. oh please.

This is how Samu (pronounced Shamu) looks at me most of the time:



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