Budapest Diaries #01

After the seven years of plenty this is my seven years of famine.

My landlady told me to go out and buy bread and cheese for my meals. I can’t cook. O.o
What am I sposed to eat?? raw things?!

I miss Louie’s Philly Cheesesteak, especially when prepared by my favourite Louie’s girl who I tip well and who puts lots of mayo and cheese whiz and onions on mine.

The food on the plane was great. We had stewed pork and spaetzle and javanese curry cai fan for supper, and then sausage and bacon and a spinach mushroom frittata with a raisin croissant and braised beans for breakfast. the refreshments inbetween were toasted baguette with prosciutto and a parmesan-zucchini-gruyere tart which we didn’t get because we were sleeping. the nice steward guy gave us toblerone and wet towels even while we were sleeping. probably to thank us for not giving him any trouble. oh yeah, we were bumped up to premium economy which had loads of leg space and made me seriously contemplate flying premium economy for my future long hauls. Or, like hr, check in really late in hopes that they will run out of space on economy and bump you up.

I’m hungryyy. liangze’s landlady cooked galushka for him but mine is probably eating bread and cheese for dinner. my cute 17 yr old guide-who-brought-me-to-my-鸟不生蛋-house recommended his favourite flavour of potato chips while i was doing my groceries just now lol. chilli and lime. and then he warned me:”it’s spicy though!” ha! so cute.

Most faithful representation of Louie’s cheesesteak:



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