Things to bring with me to Budapest

Like I’m packing for camp :D

1. One bottle of rose cordial
2. Tinned tuna. Chilli flavour.
3. Nestum cereal
4. dark chocolate for erika
5. Swimwear
6. Prima packs. Bak kut teh, Herbal chicken, prawn paste chicken, cereal prawns?
7. The skunk
8. Monopoly deal + playing cards
9. Mee goreng instant noodles
10. Wet tissues
11. The fried chicken powder I got from Malaysia
12. Kluang coffee and green tea coffee from Malaysia
13. Red man green tea powder
14. Books I have to read: The Thirteenth Tale. (Probably something lighter) And David Lodge’s Changing Places.
15. My 25 packets of Mcdonald’s curry sauce.
16. Milton mint candy

If I’m missing anything please contribute..



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