Talked with a red hot politician today
and had lunch at Canele. Their quiche is nice but the smoked salmon starter is not.
As the days pass I am meeting up with more and more people. Last night I met with the people from oriental universities + some others. It was nice to see ching again after so long. Too bad i couldn’t really eat cause of our 八十分通宵 the night before and as a result charlotte and yiwen and i had lunch around 2pm at the nice chicken rice place near yishun bus interchange. learnt lots of interesting things about the sophomore batch at cornell that i never knew before because liangze and i are really not in the ‘in’ crowd. as it turns out, charlotte and i have a lot of the same ideas about what is ‘nice’ and what is ‘not nice’ behaviour, what ‘decent people’ are like and what kind of people we don’t really like.

bumped into ivan twice yesterday which was really weird. lunch and dinner! too much 缘分? But we never really hung out at cornell. I would be more psyched if i bumped in hanrong or jingyee twice in one day. haha. but it’s not nice to compare friends like that. in fact i did bump into them yesterday over dinner (They were eating with ivan) and it was nice because I was thinking i’d never get to see them before i leave. well, i was- too lazy to try to meet up too so it was my own fault. i think i have more inertia in trying to meetup with working/studying people cause it’s so difficult to fit into their schedules. why does everyone have to work?

Dinner at peach garden was nice. horridly expensive but i got my 港蒸 soon hock and my roasted chicken with salt and cereal prawns and chilled pulut hitam and white bait and everything was to die for. although if you want to eat there i’d recommend the saturday/sunday dim sum high tea at $20.80++ per pax which is a lot cheaper than eating chinese for dinner.

here are the pics:

white bait in plum sauce

they actually deshelled the prawns which was interesting. the prawns themselves did not lose their bounciness.

half roast chicken with 麻辣 sauce but i requested for the five spice salt

the 1 kg soon hock hong kong style

dessert! :}

James and mingsee joined us, aka ‘the extended family’. apparently james and my bro have their 3rd wedding commission. they play the violin for weddings. pachelbel’s canon, random christian songs… and by ‘play’ i mean ‘maul’.. it’s hilarious. i think the bride & groom always ask them as a joke and they agree as a joke and they perform a joke and its all very funny for everyone (unless the married people are the anal types) but still i think i will never ask them to play for mine. not tt i am anal about this but one of the advantages of being in MEP is that i have so many talented friends who wouldn’t mind playing something pretty. like Air on the G string. it’s one of my favourite wedding pieces that takes quite a bit of skill.



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