Dao hui

just had a wonderful bowl of dao hui from old airport road FC.

the stall in question only has two kinds of situations: a long queue or no queue. There are long queues outside it when the dao hui is ready. and no queues when the dao hui is not ready. and it’s the kind of stall that actually runs out of supplies multiple times a day. there are multiple dao hui stalls in that food centre. if you see a stall with a trickle of customers as with any other regular hawker stall, odds are it’s not the right one. just as we were leaving we saw the uncle sell some almost ready dao hui and buzzed on over. he told us to put the dao hui in the fridge for half an hour before it would be ready and so we bought a box each.

if they can figure out a way to mechanize the production process they would make a pile of money.

the dao hui has no syrup around it, the curd itself is sweet enough but not excessively so. amazing.



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