Got bitten like anything on our last foray to Changi beach. We originally wanted to kayak to some offshore island to pick shells but that didn’t pan out when i (so honestly) told the kayak rental guy that I had no stars. (sounds like gakuen alice?). And i didn’t. He said I need at least one kayaking star to be allowed out in the open sea, even though i have sailed and kayaked in the open sea before. liangze has two stars from scouts but apparently it’s not an average stars per person thing. With my no-star status, I am only allowed to kayak in the paddling pool that is Bedok reservoir. Disappointing really, since we went all the way to changi for this. Takeaways from that day were:
1. beautiful beach

2. lots of shells

3. Ayam penyet at Changi Village

it’s basically the malay version of chicken rice. it comes with this really awesome brown clear soup that probably consists of chicken stock and fried shallots. much better than the chicken soup served with chinese chicken rice. this was another stall reviewed by ieat and the chicken was quite awesome, only it was served with plastic utensils so it was a little bit difficult to tear stuff apart. the rice is also made with chicken stock but is not as shiny as its chinese variant. maybe they put in less fat.

4. Shepherd’s pie from Tampines Mall. No pics of this cause we ate it on the way back home and couldn’t be bothered. it was pretty good but not as great as my mum’s!

5. Two sundaes from Swensens cause of the student happy hour offer and our shameless exploitation of the cornell student card. They don’t even check nowadays. Given the haphazard, childish way we dress when we’re out nobody needs to check. Even bus drivers think I’m still a student when I pay by coins.

Random fact of the day in line with the post’s title: Did you know the tse tse fly spreads sleeping sickness? (from the NYT crossword). actually i vaguely remember signing up for an entire year’s worth of NYT crosswords but haven’t been using it :/



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