Selfish cell phone

I need one of these. What’s taking everyone so long to invent one?

This holidays I have been more successful at weeding out people I don’t want to hang out with. As a cornell prof once told me, one shld become happier with age. Older people care less about doing what is politically correct, about being polite, and given the short time they have left they feel that they shldn’t waste it hanging out with people who push their buttons. Nobody challenges their social gaffes and they no longer care about being liked. As a consequence they only consort with people who contribute to their overall happiness. Immensely practical. I’ve stopped caring about being liked for quite a while now and have often considered it the other party’s loss if we stopped hanging out aka if i excommunicate him/her from my social circle. it still puzzles me why most people try to be liked by everybody. It seems to me that even if I cared at all about people liking me, surely it would only matter if the people i liked like me back, and the people i dislike can just bite me.

I’ve discovered recently that I can watch three movies a day without being a total couch potato. Supposing each movie was 2 hours long, you can fit in 6 hrs for the movies, 8 hrs for sleep, and have a whopping 10 hrs left over to do whatever junk you want. Like baking. Or biking. It’s really not as unhealthy as it sounds. Just that most people waste time working, or travelling around singapore, or waffling about what they should do next, and I stay at home and enjoy my snap decisions.

I’ve also discovered that I’m very good at rationalizing everything. :)



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