Why don’t they have vegetable cream cheese here?
I have a tub of Philadelphia’s cream cheese to make cucumber sandwiches with but Cold storage doesn’t carry vegetable flavour. Perhaps I’m not shopping in the right supermarket.
And I cannot for the life of me remember what goes into vegetable cream cheese. Peppers, carrots, olives,… onions? The online recipes all tell me to put in daikon and celery, which seems weird.

I made lemon sponge cups today that failed (probably because i substituted soya milk for milk) and chocolate chip cookies with almond nibs that were quite a success. And watched, in chronological order,
1. Little Fockers
2. The Jane Austen Book Club
3. A Price Above Rubies

1. was meh. 2. was a bit too fanatic about Austen for my taste. Although there was a wonderful put-down in the middle of the movie –

“He thinks Austen is the capital of Texas.”

lol. and 3. was not bad. The whole repressed Jewish thing and all that gold. Reminded me again of how alike Jews and Chinese are. Only the Chinese are rather a lot more amoral than the Jews. I also never knew they prayed rocking back and forth. I thought the guy was having a fit or something, or sobbing. He was just praying! He did it again to avoid talking to his wife (Renee Zellweger) which I thought was a little escapist. The whole faith seems to be portrayed rather escapistly in the movie.

My schedule is getting more and more packed. Cannot fit another thing in the whole of this week and next week with the exception of Sundays.



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