And all of us

Went to the esplanade today to get dvds. I must say the library has improved in the time I’ve been away to extend the borrowing limit in these ways:
1) Ordinary users may take out 2 dvds through the year and 4 dvds through the summer.
2) Music scores are no longer considered “premium” items i.e. they are now regular books. I took out Beethoven’s sonatas Vol II and Chopin’s Waltzes and a volume by Ernesto Lecuona which has both Malaguena (my song on the chimes) and La Comparsa. liangze took out some junior chopin :P he also resents tt i call his music score “junior”. But it is.

What this all means is that I don’t have to renew my premium membership!
And I got my mum and my dad to make library cards (they would use their IC/driver’s license if necessary) but I obviously can’t go around with their driver’s license/IC. So now I use their library cards.

we went to the esplanade library and borrowed 16 DVDs between the 2 of us. I came back and gleefully told my parents of my spoils and they got all sulky and said tt if they knew I was going mad they would not have made library cards for me under their names. Now I will be glued to the tv and there’s no knowing what will become of me. Blah blah blah in that vein for five minutes.

But i’m real excited about the DVDs. borrowing lots of movies always excites me. especially when they contain my favorite thespians. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because I invited mildred over to my place on wednesday to watch lovely arty movies and justine for a sleepover for a movie marathon. And i told my parents about who was gonna invade our house this week and they grumbled “why don’t any of your friends ask you to sleepover at their house??” Only 1 month in their house and they are already trying to get rid of me. That’s got to be a new record.

TO ALL OF YOU: why isn’t anyone asking me for a sleepover?? probably because i would turn you down haha. I guess tt question was more for mingsee.

Today I realised that liangze’s entry in my handphone (Ze) is right next to Xiumin’s Dad. There was a time when xiumin lost her phone and was using her dad’s and so I stored his number.
My phone is just waiting for the day when I send “Hello Moonpie! Where are we having our hot date?” to Xiumin’s dad. Although of course tt doesn’t happen because i hardly use endearments. Nor do liangze and i have hot dates. We go to the library. lol. And just today got tickets to lan shui and sudbin’s Rhapsody concert on August 5th. Yevgeny will be playing the Rhapsody on a theme of paganini and I’m real excited.

In other news, I made my orange chiffon cake today and it was as light as air and as yellow as sunshine.



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