Today’s webhits

1. York named best and most beautiful British city, aka most Brits would want to live up North. I wintered there for about a month and have visited countless other British cities, I suppose it was pretty (but only really the town centre) within the wall. The York suburbs look like any other suburbs. Shopping can be a real bitch if you don’t have a car.
2. Ten worst food trends: Detailing the 10 worst habits restaurateurs commit in their industry. I didn’t know truffle oil doesn’t come from truffles but is completely synthetic. or tt people could soft boil an egg with the yolk outside and the white inside. but like the writer, i certainly don’t think tt much of sous vide or molecular gastronomy. molecular food just seems so unnecessary.
3. Google Ads Preferences for your computer: See what Google associates with you based on your cookie. Unsurprisingly, I got:

Although I’m not exactly sure where the childcare came from. I hate kids.
4. Bridget Jones’ accent. You could have fooled me. I didn’t know she was born in Texas. She had a voice coach for her British accent (which is the most believable American British accent I have ever heard, given the Americans’ penchant for labeling my accent as British) and worked undercover in a British publishing company for three weeks to get a feel of the lingo and the role. Apparently she was also underweight for the role, and quickly chubbed up 20 pounds to get it. And a 3rd movie is slated to be out!! I love Bridget.



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