Clean slate

I can’t believe tomorrow is completely wide open!
I haven’t had many days like this.
At first liangze and i were intending to go to Chek Jawa. but this was vetoed for two reasons:
1. we had a late (and fun) night playing 80 points with dy and the micromouse yiwen and would most definitely not be able to get up before the tide rises tomorrow.
2. If we went to P. Ubin we would definitely cycle and I am not particularly keen on repeating today’s spate of cramps (we cycled to sembawang beach and sun plaza) tomorrow.

So we don’t know what we are going to do with our Chek Jawa time.
Something indoorsey and airconditioned.
Baking an orange chiffon cake?
Looking through the junk in my house? (Stamps. Shells. I’ve got lots of wonderful shells. Embarrassing childhood photos of me picking my nose or stuffing my face with KFC.)
(We just went through a whole load of junk in my room on saturday to find him a nice new-ish trinket from my adolescence to regift to this teenage girl he owes a birthday present)
Going to Bras Basah and looking for more used books for our collection?
Making ham and cheese crepes for breakfast?
Reading all my Dilbert comics?
Watching all the movies I downloaded in Ithaca, an option closed to me now because of the snail-like connection?
Sending postcards to our bible study leaders in Ithaca? Maybe printing out some snaps?
Making ginger snaps? :D
Playing pool/bowling like pimply poseurs who fail at academia and need a pseudo-athletic skill to boost their ego?
Playing Mario Forever like the four BBT geeks on a vintage video game night?

So many possibilities!
Although those who know me best will probably predict (quite accurately too) that we’ll probably wind up bumming on the couch all day in an infinite loop of movies.

I just relish the thought of how much trouble I can create tomorrow with my idle mind and idle hands.



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