Spent some time today repairing my mum’s computer at the childcare centre so she wouldn’t have to send it to a computer analyst. the internet wasn’t working coz they rebooted the damn thing and the installed drivers could not be detected. was about to pluck out the WLAN card when the correct driver was installed from a CD and the problem became more solvable. I didn’t really know what I was doing so it’s not like it’s due to me or anything but it still felt pretty nice. Maybe it’s cause I haven’t been useful in ages. :D So everything is just as it should be.

While waiting for liangze to fiddle with the computer I played icytower on fb under his account and gave him a few high scores. it’s weird, the icytower on fb, when you jump over blocks your friends have died at their profile pics pop up in the game and ridiculous things like “bye bye wesley” or “bye bye lee” show up at the bottom of the screen to let you know you’ve beat your fb friends.

I think it’s nice to have kids who look either obviously like you or obviously like your spouse. I was looking through the pics of these 4 girls in my church, two of whom obviously look like their mum and two of whom obviously look like their dad. then you have people like liangze who you can’t really tell cause he’s the only child and doesn’t really look like either parent. I also know a family of three kids who started out all goggly eyed like their mum and then became slitty eyed like their dad which was funny.

Did you know the word ‘jeans’ originates from a (probably American) mispronunciation of the French phrase “bleu de Gênes”? where Gênes is a town in Italy and not France (Genoa). I borrowed a guidebook to Hungary at the national library yesterday w hq while he was searching for a malay language book to learn malay. when I told liangze hq wanted to learn malay he asked “why doesn’t he try to make his english comprehensible to the brits (and singaporeans) first?” lol. As a rule, I never read guidebooks coz they bore me and i don’t like doing research before a trip in case y’know, the things that you get hyped up about are closed or under maintenance. it’s like when we were in copenhagen and Tivoli was closed the whole time but we never expected it to be open so it wasn’t a disappointment. Or when liangze went to oxford and the olde sweete shoppe was closed and it wasn’t a disappointment. So our travel protocol is to focus on getting to the hotel (with internet connection and a laptop in tow) and google interesting places only when we get up the energy to leave the hotel. It’s worked so far.



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