Meet the parents

I’ve been baking a little bit the past few days. some of the eclairs turned out well. also made a pan of focaccia and am looking into making another bread (to be baked in the breadmaker and made into sandwiches tomorrow) and banana chocolate chip muffins tmr (to use up the eclair ganache) and maybe popiah.
my mum has been niao-ing my dad to go buy the nice popiah skins from joo chiat and he hasn’t agreed to it yet and a bridge gang is coming over tmr night and i wanted to make popiah for them!

only i got back late today from dinner at liangze’s (his mum sure knows how to steam a fish) and they were both soundly asleep by then. Or not in their rooms, i haven’t checked. So I haven’t been able to ask what grub i’m supposed to serve up tomorrow.

meeting liangze’s sisters today was weird. in general i don’t like meeting new people, have more than enough friends to upkeep at present, etc. etc. and it’s not like i’m just going to barge into their lives and demand a spot. i also don’t really know what to say to normal people, given that all my friends are weird. and they are very normal. haha. oh well. my social disgraces were superlative today and perhaps it was a little weird that i didn’t try to ingratiate myself to anybody, but then again nobody really expects a whole lot out of math majors.

I wonder if I should have tried. But I don’t really talk in crowds. I don’t like talking in crowds. I don’t like crowds (more than four is a crowd). Sometimes I think my face looks like I’m judging people. I have a very judgmental face. It’s also very expressive of disgust and disparagement. which can be funny if you are not the one being disparaged.

ah well. I think ultimately I’m just too lazy to navigate the precarious social waters of meeting my potential in-laws. Spose this is what security feels like. I can’t imagine them disliking me.

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