Frankie Landau-Banks

Just finished the Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.
Written by the same author of The Boyfriend List that embarrassed me just two weeks ago.
But it was awesome!

It’s a kid’s book, naturally. About a girl who outwitted a bunch of boys (my favorite kind) and they were all so entrenched in their Old Boy, chauvinistic perspective they neglected to view her as a threat.
It also gives very useful information about secret societies, neglected positives, frozen custards, and the panopticon. All the elements of a truly great kid’s book.

I also made my dad promise to go to the library with me and my mum to get their library cards made (the last time I did it it only cost a dollar to get the cheap laminated card with the barcode) so I can borrow more scores and DVDs from the esplanade library. Although it is kind of a bad sign that the last one I borrowed (The Third Wheel) was something I’d already watched ages and ages ago and I did not recognize it. Have I already watched all the DVDs there s.t. I’m just cycling through the lot now??

I really want to make chocolate eclairs. Good ones, that even lz’s parents will eat. We had a coffee-caramel flavoured one in Delifrance the other day and it was tough and unappetizing. Which is strange because I thought Delifrance normally makes edible pastries. And choux is not incredibly difficult or anything.



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