My brother called! from kobenhavn. In the middle of dinner. He says all his friends are leaving now and he is very sad.
And he also said, get this, he didn’t get the icelandic music CD i sent him!!
which means the usps ate it up. bah.
but i ripped the music from the cd before sending it to him :P so he can still get it when he’s back. he laughed when i told him that.
i also told him the entire house was covered in quilt because our parents thought it was a good idea because they are barking mad.
which they are.
a little bit.
and that singapore is as hot as hell. well maybe slightly cooler. so he shouldn’t come back. it’s 18deg in kobenhavn now.
although if he comes back i’ll have one extra person to feed and that will be very nice indeed.
but he might take his bike back. :(



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