Concert reviews

Okay so I’m lagging a little bit behind reviewing all the concerts because I’m bumming at home and I’ve recently rediscovered teenlit and am reading Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s Alice series. I first started reading her when I had to do an ERP book report on her Shiloh. And as I do for authors I like, I read everything they’ve ever written. For the non-geps, ERP is our termly English Reading Project in primary school where booklists are disseminated each semester and we pick titles we want to read and do a project on. Her Alice books are for Young Adults (at least, they were shelved in the Young Adults section in the library) and are very realistic takes on the middle and high school life of a girl called Alice McKinley, without the annoying gossipy tone of Sweet Valley.

I’ve also been reading Emily Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series, which are really intended for girls half my age but what the heck. I was browsing randomly in Serangoon public library (don’t you love how all the malls here have libraries now. It makes borrowing/returning so convenient) for a nice, light read before going for Kaori Muraji’s concert because I was alone and had neglected to take a book in exchange for taking my camera to take fangirly pics of the artiste. And this book I saw in the adult’s section was called “The Treasure Map Of Boys” which is such an intriguing title. I thought it was like a scout-y book, on things that boys thought of as treasures- a ball of string, a compass, a swiss army knife, a toy car, that sort of thing. But it’s vastly expectation-shattering. Well, if you think as banally as I did. Also the author listed her name as e. lockhart (in small caps, and abbreviated) which I thought was interesting since most authors put their full names for prestige purposes. so one thing led to another and now I’m reclaiming my teen-fiction deprived life with a vengeance.

The embarrassing part was that when i was meeting xiumin and kevin on sunday for the final concert of the piano fest, kevin snuck up behind me in the library to surprise me and to test if i remembered him and he saw the completely juvenile titles i was typing into the search catalogue. (I was looking for a book by lockhart called “The Boyfriend List” which looks so stupid when spied by your friend’s boyfriend over your shoulder). Good thing I actually have a boyfriend, or I’d come off as a desperately pathetic loser who consults teen fiction for relationship advice.


they made fun of me for it but he drove me home after the concert so all is forgiven. also it’s nice to know that one’s reputation as the smart one is so firmly (if unmeritedly) established such that these unfortunate slip-ups aren’t paradigm altering.



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