Home alone

Dunno where my parents are. I was watching Vera Drake on TV and eating dinner and after the movie they had all apparated away. without a word! whenever the house is empty I always get scared that my parents have been raptured and I’ve been left behind. I’ve had that worry since I was young, don’t know why I keep doubting my salvation. I don’t think it’s really got anything to do with my relationship w God as much as it is a childish phobia of being left behind.

Vera Drake was nice, but had too few clever little connections. The main star was Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter) and she basically went around helping girls who were in trouble by giving them very primitive, free abortions with a Higgins pump. Not one accident in twenty years, until one girl didn’t take too well to the pumping and Vera was found the culprit. She was subsequently sentenced to two and a half years in jail for her philanthropy. Imelda Staunton really is a talented actress. I loathed her character in Harry Potter and really pitied her in Vera Drake.

Got the DVD from the esplanade library (finally went to the esplanade), at the same time obtaining my Beethoven sonatas vol. II and Liszt etudes. Sometimes I wonder if I like these pieces so much because I don’t own the score hence they are more “valuable” by dint of their unavailability. It’s easy enough to print them, but the more difficult, pretty pieces are very long and a waste of paper/ink. I actually printed La Campanella on the back of my Bach-Busoni Chaconne, but after filing the scores back to back the only way I can get La Campanella out is to remove all the pages from the clear folder and flip them inside out which is far too much effort. My piano playing is really terrible now and I’m just mangling the Bach-Busoni Chaconne. Well Arnold Cohen will do a much better job of it on Sunday which I will memorize and copy at home. Wonder why all the male performers at the piano fest look like such chee ko peks.



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