Found this on some science site:

Q: Why does it get more humid in some places than others?
A: You need three things to get high humidities:

1) You need to be close to a major body of water (preferably a warm one, like the Gulf of Mexico).

2) The wind must blow from that large body of water towards you.

3) There cannot be a range of mountains between you and the body of water, or else the mountains will intercept much of the moisture.

Well Singapore’s got it all. Pretty much any which way the wind blows, it’ll come from a body of water. I didn’t know the moisture in the air came from the seas around us. In fact, I didn’t notice the moisture in the air until I came back from a drier location which is definitely landlocked with mountains to block the sea breeze.

I can feel people’s eyes on me. Thing is, I’m not sure why they are staring. Of all places, I should blend in the most here, no? Do I have some “ang moh” sign stamped on my forehead? They are not even abashed about it. Only when I lift my gaze to meet theirs do they feel a need to look away. Goodness. I think the reason they are staring here has nothing to do with me, but with them and how totally unaware they are of Western social norms which frown upon staring. I always thought it was a universal social norm. But the old people here, I think they will look at anyone they damn well please and i’d best get used to it, too.

I put a jar of pottery barn quince flavoured aromatic oil in my room which is being diffused via several diffusing sticks (glorified satay sticks) and it smells wonderful. I wish there were someone here to play monopoly deal with me :( liangze’s parents are on leave and he has been busy visiting his grandparents, all of whom are very much alive and would like to meet me but i’m shy. need to toy with the idea of meeting his grandparents in my head a little bit more first. and you know, it would be nice to bring them something to eat. I don’t have anyone to bake for here anyway (considering my brother’s not home my family as a whole eats a lot less now). we are making pizza tomorrow! my mum’s pizza has been sorely missed, her crust and her filling etc. is infinitely better than any american pizza you’ve ever eaten, no contest. as i speak the dough is busy proofing in the breadmaker. yum.

finally left the house and got my contacts. buying en route an old chang kee curry puff, a breadtalk floss bun, 6 durian puffs, 4 cartons of yoghurt, a six-pack of yakult! and a green tea swiss roll. :)
also, i discovered tt betty crocker brownie mix here is $8.26 in cold storage. O_O that is mad. it’s like 98 cents in wegman’s. the cake mixes etc. are also all hideously expensive and i don’t understand why. it’s not like it’s cake mix is definitive and you can’t make a better one yourself.

the hawker food seems to be priced the same though. chicken rice is still $2.50 and 6 pcs of chwee kueh is $1.60 and a hum ji peng is 80c. i love how food is so cheap. one meal in america could fund my meals here for 2-3 days, and the food here is so much better.



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