Liangze says everything is so small! the plates, the oven, the refrigerator, the washing machine. it’s like living in a mini version of America. very cute.
Only the grass looks really strange now. Big fat blades of grass that look like hair with too much gel. Most of the grass in cornell is carpet grass so it just looks like a big golf course.
I made my first foray outside to buy dao hui for lz and his parents (they were delivering a box cause we packed our stuff in the same boxes) and the dao hui stall was closed. got roti prata instead and lemon barley! yum.

will need to get stamps soon. and read all my books. and send out receipts to get reimbursed for my air ticket and tuition deposit. and buy contacts. and cut my hair. and get a phoneline. and lower my brother’s bike seat so i can use it. and print la campanella because i think i left my score in ithaca. ahh. so many things to settle when i want to do is nestle in my bed and take a nap.

but first. some lunch :)



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