After the storm

Have calmed down considerably since the last post. And have returned.

All the smells are the same! I’m very happy about that. My home has gone over quite a face lift, although the clashing paint is still there. My parents have taken it upon themselves to cover every single surface with quilted cloth. It looks like an avid seamstress (like say Rachel Lynde) lives here, but it’s all store-bought. My dad has also covered most seating surfaces with bamboo tiled mats, because he gets piles. I’m not very sure how to explain why they are there to a guest. I wonder if they’re really cooler to sit on.

And my piano is not -that- out of tune. still very pretty. there is an inordinate number of stuffed toys adorning its lid, which is really not what i would do. the carpeting and piano cover has changed, even more cloth, even more softness. I prefer things before, when the sofas were dark teal and leather (they still are, now just covered in quilt) and the coffee table was a sight in glass and the curtains were blinds, like in an office, and the ebony of my piano was still visible. pianos are sleek and beautiful by themselves, there’s no need to doll them up.

but my parents were so excited about the work they had done, and i could see they were making such an effort to make the home nicer before i got back so i was very excited too. and i gave them the shenandoah windchime to hang up in the balcony to make lovely tinkly sounds. not too much wind yet, so my dad has been pushing the big wooden piece in the middle like liangze always did in my room to make it tinkle. boys will be boys.

my mum very unromantically remarked last night “your dreamcatcher has been catching lots of dust.” sometimes she reminds me of marilla.



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