Haven’t been posting because I’ve been having too much fun after exams. Going out on nature walks (okay, just the one walk), playing the chimes, having research meetings, baking, cooking, watching movies, reading anne of green gables, playing monopoly deal/nertz, it’s a wonderful life. I also received mingsee’s present the other day which is this journal for me to document all my grumblings about how stupid everyone else can be and, ad verbatim,

“why people are like that and why all the stupid things they do are so obvious to me, from not using their turn signals to believing they’re the center of the universe to sweating the small stuff to ignoring the fact that we’re all just trying to make our way in this insanely crowded world but some of us are doing it a whole lot better than others.”

Just recently i got the harebrained idea to vandalize the chimes practice room with sharpies in the manner of this. Only i won’t be using sharpies, i’ll be using @ the OFFICE brand pirated sharpies. did you know that all the thick black markers

available in Staples are chisel tip (left) , not bullet tip (right)? Bullet tips are only available for the finer markers, and a set of markers of all colors, not just black. And Staples is the biggest stationery shop around. The biggest stationery shop which has a more limited selection than Popular.

Now i just need a good picture to draw on the walls. It’s not vandalism, per se. It’s really just vandalizing a wall (that already has a century worth of scribbles that are not just un-artistic but also ugly. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect summer activity? Bring a quart of orangeade and two nice big permanent markers and scribble away. Already bought the markers from walmart.



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