Left Behind

I just read this and just realised that there are people who actually believed in the prophecy that the world would end on saturday and who actually acted on it and lived like that day would be their last day on earth.

“It was probably one of the saddest things that I’d ever read, the idea that there’s kids out there whose parents spent their college savings funds, who sold their homes,” one woman told the BBC.

what kind of believers are these?? the point of God’s imminent return is for us to wait vigilantly, watching our behaviour and our speech, to conduct ourselves blamelessly so that God would call us his good and faithful servants. Not to act like someone who’s just had a windfall in Vegas, selling everything they own to live like there’s no tomorrow.

I realise it is exciting to think that God is returning (and that we’d get to witness it) but that’s really no excuse to behave like this. Regardless of how stupid you are.

On a side note, even for Christians, the coming of the rapture is no cause for rejoicing, not when the vast majority of your friends are non-believers. While it may be the beginning of life as you know it, it’s the end of life as they know it. Could one really be happy with a good conscience?



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