The wordpress dashboard layout just changed (as i logged in tonight) and so did the gmail interface in that it added two new buttons that allow you to up or down the importance of each email. there are so many people i haven’t replied, people whose birthdays i’ve missed (liansi, chee chin, tiffy, etc.) and it’s not like i forgot. it’s that there isn’t any more meaningful way to wish them than writing on their fb wall, and between that and doing nothing, i’d rather do nothing. so those birthdays blew right past and i no longer know how to make other people feel special to me. fb has wrought this pretty turn of events – even though your real friends might remember your birthday enough to wish you, you will never know how much you mean to them because every single wish on fb can be reduced to a meaningless knee-jerk reaction to the birthday reminder on the home page when you sign in. Fact is, birthday wishes nowadays are more likely to be an instinctive adherence to the social norm of wishing someone ‘happy birthday’ on their birthday than a sincere remembrance of friendship and the communication of warmth.

The precious few times I am able to do something out of the ordinary for someone to express my gratitude for their friendship, it typically goes unnoticed. such as when i played Happy Birthday on the chimes for tiffany and hanrong on their birthdays, and as I will do so tmr for wx. birthdays are such nice things, when everyone tells you you are the bee’s knees and you get cake and everything.



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