Paddle Pop

I wonder if annoying people are as annoyed by other people as other people are annoyed by them. I don’t know if they are irritating just by dint of their self-awareness (in which case they wouldn’t even notice other people’s annoying habits) or if they are so intrinsically different that the things that irritate me are normal to them and the things that are normal to me irritate them.

To quote Josephine Barry, “I like people who make me love them. It saves me so much trouble in making myself love them.”

Yes, I have been reading Anne of Green Gables again instead of doing my analysis take-home >< Very ill disciplined. But it is so interesting and I can finish a book in no time. I haven't met many people (such as Anne) who have made me love them through no effort of my own. I guess Tiffany Tsang was one. But she was it, at cornell, I think. I think one could easily love Debbie too for all she's so funny and blur and frank but I haven't hung out much with her. Ed too, makes one love him, I think. How he keeps going "oy vey" at the seeming unprovableness of my research and when he talks about his ferrets ^^

Also, Liangze and I have discovered that Perry's cotton-candy flavored ice cream popsicles taste remarkably like paddle-pop back home. With less corn flavoring. I never really liked the corn flavor anyway.



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