This will sound strange but I really want to eat 菜饭. somehow i can smell the wonderful veggies from my kitchen (not sure who is cooking) and all through my life my dad would buy this when my mum was indisposed to making dinner. cause it felt like the healthiest thing you can get in the hawker center and it was pretty darn cheap. My standard order would consist of the cabbage/carrot/tung hoon 菜, a sunny side up that was golden at the edges, and the diced luncheon meat (午餐肉) and potatoes with peas stirfried in a tomato based sauce. and the rice would be drenched in the brown gravy that was used to braise eggs and tau kwa. and the hawker would always ask you “要不要ling2zhi1?”, or even better, “ling2zhi1 还是ling2 kali?”

let’s see. home on the 8th. that makes.. 24 days!
while the dish sounds really easy to cook one really needs a wok and the old-wok taste, which makes it impossible to replicate in ithaca. argh.

some pics to torture you:



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