When things get rough

Love this pic

Sideburns don’t really flatter Colin Firth. Now I feel like watching one his movies. Like Bridget Jones. Or the entire P&P again :P He is my movie comfort food. That elastic, play do-ey face with what can only be called ‘jowls’ and cutest little dimples. Cannot think of anyone better to play Mr. Darcy. And he doesn’t just play good guys either. He was a horrible Nazi in Conspiracy.

Interesting fact: Pastor’s kids don’t swear with ‘omg’, they swear with ‘omw’. Oh my word! lol. When I first saw it on one of the fb pages of my pastor’s kids I was so tickled. Reminds me of the post I did about christians swearing. liangze doesn’t swear at all, so i guess his father can be proud of him.

And of course when finals come, all the time wasting posts start surfacing.



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