I’ve been stalking the blogs of some of the youths from my home church in singapore and man those kids are all grown up! they’re about 6-7 years younger than me and i wanted to find out more about this girl i’m supposed to tutor over the summer and to see what she was like now (the last time i saw her was 2 summers ago when i was tutoring her for her psle o_o) and now they’re out painting the town red and doing hip things like hanging out with boyfriends and everything. I couldn’t even recognise some of the kids who are now in the youth group – they’d lost all their baby fat and are actually wearing fashionable clothes. Last I paid attention, they were 5-8 yr olds in church hanging around their parents! Very well-behaved kids who’d never talk back and who always said they loved God, and now they swear all over the place (well, even more than me) and although they are not punks per se, they are officially cooler-than-thou teenagers.

i think it’s great how her group of friends (in and out of church) blog and tweet and everything in perfect english. otherwise i would of course not have bothered reading beyond the first two lines. it seems the singaporean youth is bourgeoising it up. i also think it’s cool how they are unfazed about airing their religious views. more than half of the blogs i read were religiously slanted (i.e. boring) and talked about their QT and sermons and christian workshops they attended etc. I mean, kudos for the effort, but i’m not about to read the preaching of someone half my age. Hopefully their friends are less cynical and more impressionable than I am.

Other trends I’ve noticed are really stupid facebook names. When I first joined facebook I was very surprised that everyone was using their real names. nobody ever used their real names in blogs/msn etc., so that your parents (or whoever) wouldn’t be able to stalk you online and you can say all the stupid, irresponsible things you want without being caught/judged. Youths nowadays like to use last names of stars they dream of marrying, (e.g. if it were up to me I would be Ivana Hiroshi on fb) or have stupid names like Jane LovesSweets or John Chardonnay Tan. Not really sure what the motivation is. To sound French? Why don’t you just rename yourself Gerard Depardieu and have done with it? Or like.. Pierre Baguette. I think I could come up with a whole list of teenage-cool names for that demographic.

One thing that hasn’t changed since my time and now are those quizzes about yourself, i believe they are called memes. A whole long list of questions that you answer about yourself (in the pre-formspring blogosphere) so that others can get to know more about you. And people you have a crush on might maybe chance upon and discover that you have a crush on him/her and that little meme will be the start of an epic love story. And people who have a crush on you will be obsess about whether the “Yes” to “Do you have a crush on anyone right now?” refers to them or not.

Below is an example: (that I have filled in)
It’s kind of long but it’s so fun to do these narcissistic things.

The ABCs!

A – AVAILABLE: Nope have finals. and a liangze.
B – BIRTHDAY: 5 Mar 1989
C – CRUSHING ON: that cute little boy in all my math classes that is the spitting image of Terry Tao O.O and who has his brains too.
D – DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Tropicana pineapple mango juice (their answers are seriously in such detail, like someone actually cares)
E – EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Ming See (I assume excluding boyfriends)
F – FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby. Click to play if you’re going to read the rest of this entry anyway it’s the most secular christmas song ever it’s awesome. And she has such a great accent. And it’s funny to boot!

H – HOMETOWN: Singapore
I – IN LOVE WITH: Sleeping
K – KILLED SOMEONE: Lots of ants and cockroaches
L – LONGEST CAR RIDE: 5 hrs when hr’s parents drove us from manhattan back to ithaca
M – MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Chocolate malt
N – NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 1 who’s almost never there and who I still owe a birthday present whoops :|
O – ONE WISH: All my stuff in Ithaca will magically teleport itself back to singapore so I can go to my favourite ramen shop in Manhattan en route home instead of having to lug huge suitcases around
P – PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: The Boatyard Grill lol. (Not even liang ze?? we are a hardly-calling couple. always text) Called between sunday school and sermon last sunday to make ‘reservations’ for mother’s day. i really wanted to try their strawberry trifle with chambord custard and their lobster quiche. the trifle stood out. I could probably make a better quiche. the lobster bisque was also not as good as i expected.
R – REASON TO SMILE: I’m not doing work now
S – SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Bartok’s concerto for orchestra i think. lz was playing it on his laptop in prep for his music final that’s going on now
T – TIME YOU WOKE UP: 9:36am
U – UNDERWEAR COLOR: Black. Why does anyone care? (the kids like to put “Fluorescent Orange! Kidding :D” or wacky cute things like that)
V – VEGETABLE(S): broccoli, kale
W – WORST HABIT: I like tickling people. Liang ze hates it cause he is super ticklish and squeals like a little piglet when I suddenly pounce on him.
X – X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD MOST RECENTLY: none. Only had one of my spine before I left for Ithaca.
Y – YOYOS ARE: awesome. especially the chinese ones. I used to be able to walk the dog and go around the world and everything with my yoyo. there was a name for those higher class ones. what was it. it sounded like froyo. Proyo! the one with the bumble bee yoyo.
Z – ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces? or do they mean snake?


Your favorite number: 27
What color do you wear most: Black
Least favorite color: Mauve
What are you listening to: Cars driving in and out of the driveway
Are you happy with your life right now: Noo. Hate finals. Hate take home finals. And regular finals. And ALL FINALS
What is your favorite class in school: Music.
Who is your bestfriend: Ming See? Well that is contingent on her VERY LATE birthday present arriving.
Are you outgoing: Not at all.
Favorite pair of shoes: Ooh. I think my lime green luciano heels for now. Can’t wait for my new shoes to get here. One is flying in from California and the other from North Carolina.
Can you dance?: Haha er. I don’t know. I love the tango and we had to do the rhumba and the cha-cha in rgs.
Can you whistle: nope. apparently i have a housemate who is a super talented whistler. he only whistles in front of cheryl though and when he is happily alone in the living room. once any of us step out he stops :( lots of notes in rapid succession and all in tune, according to cheryl.
Can you cross your eyes: yup.
Walk with your toes curled: yeah but i’d get cramps
Do you believe there is life on other planets: maybe. no conclusive evidence either way.
Do you believe in miracles: yes
Do you believe in magic: ? like magic tricks?
Do you believe in love at first sight: nope.
Do you believe in Satan: yeah
Do you believe in Santa: ooh an anagram. nope. (this kid’s answer: “c’mon, big fat red guys dont fit into chimneys. been there done that.” how cute is that. he’s like this little boy maybe 6 years my junior in acsi now)
Do you know how to swim: passed the cornell swim test! slowest swimmer ever but whatever.
Do you like roller coasters: yeah! the barbeque flavoured ones in malaysia are really good. if you mean the theme park ride, yes to that too! but not enough to queue up for one hour just for 1 minute of my life to whoosh by
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality show: nope. gross. I can’t even handle the stuff they eat here in all the fake asian places.
Have you ever been on a plane: yup
Have you ever asked someone out: er. to go somewhere together? then yep. but really seldom. i have a policy.
Have you ever been to the ocean: yes
Have you ever painted your nails: haha yes. i’m so awful at painting my nails can never sit still long enough for them to dry. but here is a cool site if you wanna paint yours!
What is the temperature outside: 17°C now oh man no wonder i was so sleepy today it’s so hot!
What radio station do you listen to: 92.4 FM
What was the last restaurant you ate at: The Boatyard Grill. It was pretty awesome.
What was the last thing you bought: A late-night chicken-roni calzone off D P Dough and it was pretty good. They gave me the option to skip the ricotta (Y) hate ricotta cheese. to quote the ieatishootipost guy, Never waste your calories on yucky food.
What was the last thing on TV you watched: the Big Bang Theory. Caught it on CBS as it was actually airing coz I get cable in my apartment.


Who was the last person you took a picture of: liangze
Who was the last person you said I love you to: liangze (boringgg)


Ever really cried your heart out: lots. (his answer:”yeah when my dog died :'(” aww! i didn’t even know his dog died i loved that dog it was a huge golden retriever)
Ever cried yourself to sleep: yeah.
Ever cried on your friend’s shoulder: yeah
Ever cried over the opposite sex: yeah.
Do you cry when you get an injury: nope. (his answer:”When i was 6? but in my defense i had stitches on my head because of that. and no thats not why my head is so big.” his head -is- kinda large)
Do certain songs make you cry: Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter


Are you a happy person?: Not in general. I am a grouch. Like David Mitchell. Or Oscar from Sesame Street.


What is your current hair color: Black. Plus one white which I pulled off to get a better look at.


What shirt are you wearing: Prepare 2008. It’s huge coz I got there late and they’d run out of Ms
Pants: Shorts
Shoes: No shoes
Necklaces: Nothing
Underwear: Wasn’t this asked before


Favorite eye color: Green
Short or long hair: Short


Been to jail: Nope. Not even to visit anyone or to do CIP.
Mooned someone: his answer: “whats mooned?” LOL. and of course I haven’t.
Thought about suicide: yep
Laughed so hard you cried: No one’s funny enough
Cried in school: Think so. all my classmates were mean to me in kindergarten coz i was smarter than em all combined.
Thrown up in a store: nope
Wanted to be a model: nope
Seen a dead body: my ahkong in his hospital bed but he just looked like he was sleeping
Been on drugs: nope. medicine i suppose.


Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonald’s Cheeseburger 1 – 1 Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich
Single or Group Dates: I like both. But i think i actually prefer groups. I’m alone with him doing math all the livelong day anyway.
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate. duh.
Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries
Meat or Veggies: meat
TV or Movie: Movie
Guitar or Drums: guitar
Adidas or Nike: nike
Chinese or Mexican: chinese. the food is so much better. and of course i’m not biased.
that -was- fun. back to studying!



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