New shoes

Woops. I just bought two pairs of shoes off ebay. A pair of navy suede flats, and a pair of nine west embroidered pumps. when I realised my purple-white Vincci flats were not going to make it another day (I really loved those flats I bought them on sale from John Little at Marina Square) I had to take action and replace them.

I am not really into clothes and fashion and things, but I am very particular about shoes and bags. which is why i am currently rather upset at my mum’s charge to me to buy a kate spade bag that looks horrible and that i would never spend good money on. am still looking for good alternatives for her but she has vetoed everything else that actually looks classy and that I can get huge discounts for insisting on her “aunty” style bag that she can literally go marketing with. sigh.

While trawling ebay for shoes of my size (my giant feet are 8.5) I stumbled upon Jimmy Choo’s Ivana sandals. Designers like to name their bags/shoes after girls, girly names that are befitting of the product. I am rather disappointed with what Jimmy Choo envisions my name to be in terms of women’s sandals. Still. at least my name is pretty enough to be used on a pair of jimmy choos. His ivana sandals are completely unlike anything I would wear. The heels are too low (what’s the point), and there is no heel support, it just looks like another wet market kind of shoe.

Can’t wait for the shoes to get here. Now back to algebra.



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