Rub a dub

Some days I can never find the right temperature in the bath and the water is either too lukewarm or too scalding. The bath in my house is finicky and really hot (pushing the lever to the middle) is about right but today I almost boiled myself alive.

I wish I had people to draw baths for me, like in those ancient chinese stories where the noble just sits in a tub and someone pours kettles upon kettles of hot water on him. It seems like the kettles are filled with boiling water though, I wonder how they manage to prevent the water from getting too hot then. Do they add chemicals? Or are those nobles just thick skinned enough to take anything? It can’t possibly be boiling water since most showers with the degree printed on the tap say 38 degrees celsius like the one in Gabriel’s house or the one in my brother’s apartment in Copenhagen.

Perhaps they boil the water in special kettles that do not reach boiling point. I know (from a visit 2 years ago) the tea houses in Singapore boil water in glass tea pots so that they’d reach a maximum of 80 degrees which is the correct temperature to brew Chinese tea with – one does not scald chinese tea leaves the same way they scald english tea leaves. Most of the lower-class teapots are made of terra cotta, aren’t they?

You can access the rest of the photos from that visit here



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