Imperial Kitchen

I am about to explode again, but for different reasons. and with a different sound. kaboom!
Had a quintuple date (i.e. not a date) with the rest of lz’s house + girlfriends at imperial kitchen and had three hotpots. My end of the table had the biggest bill and the biggest tummies to show for it. Sat beside Joy and Zhihao and it was nice. I have not talked to her much since the pomelo game at Stewart Park :P They are a cute couple who are v. fun to tease.

I’m in general not a (big) fan of steamboat but this one was edible and I hadn’t eaten it in so long so it was okay.
Wish they had abalone though.

one of liangze’s stupid jokes today: What do you call a fish who likes to hug others?

i’ve told him i’ll blog on his behalf since he’s deleted his blog and according to him he doesn’t have anything to blog about now that he tells me anything tt he thinks is cool/”interesting” and then it’s out of his system so he doesn’t need to blog it already.

All the Budapest materials have arrived and the tuition fees are about $9000 which is less than half that of cornell’s!



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