I am rotten sick. It started with a throat tic, which developed into a sore throat, and then my nose being clogged up which made it near impossible to breathe. the throat really really hurts now. and there is lots of fluid sloshing around my nasal and oral cavity.
it wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t have the sore throat. cause now i can’t eat any of the lovely things we bought at wegmans. like my chocolate twinkies. or the milano melts. or the purple cotton candy. or my neuhaus chocolate. or the vanilla/chocolate wafers. last night liangze cooked a very nice meal for me; in addition to our left over herbal chicken and braised tofu, he stirfried cabbage with carrots, and a sausage and mushroom omelette. and they had flavours other than soy sauce! he doesn’t normally cook but we both took a nap in the afternoon and only woke up in time for me to go to bell choir. so i told him i’d be back for dinner and to pls reheat our leftovers from last night. and he went and cooked all that! so cleverr. but boo because i had to wash since he cooked. it was a nice meal tho that didn’t irritate my throat as much as the bacon cheeseburger/fries i had at lunch that completely killed it. ugh.

my house also has a very strange decomposing odor now. liangze has been complaining of it for a while but i couldn’t smell it until today when my nose was unblocked for a short window of time and man it smells bad. maybe tts why i’m sick. i shld have asked chris if she could smell it or if i was the only one. i don’t know what or where it’s coming from, but everyone else in the house goes about their business without noticing it. the transition of odors just leaving my room to go through the living room is quite drastic. liangze can’t sit in the living room now without getting nauseated and once he’s in my room he always makes me close the door cause he can smell it when the door’s open. doesn’t he sound pregnant? i wonder whose it is.



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