Post partum

So the algebra homework is over, no sigh of relief because I didn’t complete as much as I wanted to and well there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Went shopping today because we were looking for a present for Dave and I bought myself a lovely windchime (actually for back home in singapore). it’s a shenandoah windchime, which chimes very mellowly and was half off ^^. ‘Shenandoah’ means “daughter of the stars” and it is more famously a sea shanty penned by a sailor to his girlfriend (?). Hung the windchime up in my room with a file ring and a hair tie, very slapdash rigging: hopefully it doesn’t crash down on me when I sleep.

Also got a cute little kitty cat mug that looks about the size of an espresso cup and it’s just adorable. the same shop sold the japanese bowls that i bought about a year ago for my house. would put pictures up but i am too lazy to take them. been feeling great ennui of late, ennui that makes me languish in the following ways:
1) can’t be bothered to type my pronouns anymore (nor type in complete sentences for that matter)
2) haven’t gotten any work done
3) haven’t replied any long overdue letters. i owe at least 5 people replies (and may have lost some of the letters they have sent :| can’t seem to find the stack of unreplied letters anywhere in my room i bet they’ve been eaten by the monsters under my bed). i hate that things can get lost under my bed. my bed in singapore is a little tykes bed that had absolutely no wiggle room between the plastic frame and the floor. whereas everything in my current room seems to mysteriously find its way under my bed. i suspect they have midnight soirees there where they bitch about what an abusive/negligent owner they have.

After the algebra homework I have three pressing assignments for now:
1) photoshopping my mushroom class poster. we have to do a poster on the cultivation of truffles and morels (that’s the project my group chose) and i am the chief designer (cause i volunteered cause I arrogantly thought I’d be most suited for it). i haven’t really designed anything for anyone since CCA days in RJ where I designed the piano ensemble and mathsoc posters so it’s nice to do something more useful on photoshop again rather than touching up photos.
2) translating the frattini paper into english for my algebra class
3) finishing up the last bits of chopin’s 3rd ballade. I only have one more piano class left this semester and he wants to go through the last three pages of the ballade (that i haven’t learnt yet) so i know what to work on through the summer. i just realised my piano teacher’s wages are almost to scale as wages in singapore. he gets $50/hr, which is unprecedented considering most of the student jobs here pay anything from $7.50 – $10/hr which no singaporean student would be interested in coz tuition jobs pay from $30 – $90/hr there. you could literally eke out a living from giving tuition, maybe earn more from that than from a corporate job. most of my friends have never waitressed or shelved books in a library for spare money. i hope i am never greedy enough to take on part-time jobs in addition to my full time job just to earn more money that i don’t need.

Interesting fact: Did you know a big watermelon costs 8 USD in Wegmans and 3.45 SGD in Singapore? when i saw the price of the watermelons i was so shocked i texted my mum and she told me my daddy just bought one and it cost $3.45. which is strange to me cause i thought they were a lot cheaper than that. like $2 or smth. Not that i would know cause i don’t buy fruit in singapore, my parents buy it for me. Are they that difficult to grow? I’m sure it can’t be a temperate/tropical thing because the Japanese have managed to cultivate watermelons and cuboid watermelons at that in their very temperate climate so I don’t see why they can’t grow dinky spherical ones here.

Hubbard’s talk today on the price of anarchy was really interesting. And very like him, fiddling with inequalities. That’s all i ever remembered doing during our research meetings. Sending things to infinity and seeing what happens. And I just realised he doesn’t have an american accent. :o maybe i will describe the talk in greater detail another day, i am tired for now.

edit: took pics in the end and here is my new kitty cat



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