This afternoon’s lunch from trillium is roiling in my stomach. The chinese stall that sells smth like 菜饭 only you get to choose
1. white rice/fried rice/lo mein
2. bokchoy
3. sesame chicken/orange chicken/general tso’s chicken/charsiew

and the food (especially the fried rice and lomein) is so oily that the oil seeps through the compostable paper plates and leaves marks on the table. O.o
lz and i also shared two tacos (the salsa was kind of sweet) and tacos are cheap here so why not. The combination of all of those food is not a good idea. Too much oil in general. Even the taco meat (some kind of seasoned ground beef) was dripping with a reddish oil. I can feel it coating my organs. And char kway teow would definitely not be one of my top 5 foods now. Ick. Maybe something milder, like satay bee hoon. liangze was quite surprised when I told him I hadn’t eaten that before.
There are actually some foods I dislike in singapore (or used to anyway). Can’t wrap my head around the idea of indian rojak. Or Assam fish head (too sour). Or mee siam (too spicy). I am also not a big fan of curry except roti prata curry when it is served with roti prata :P Hate it when my mum makes curry. I used to not eat mee rebus either but I learnt to because I liked the idea of them serving a halved boiled egg with the noodle (i love eggs) doused in some kinda spicy sauce so i learnt to eat mee rebus just for the egg.

I also learnt just yesterday that a decent feuilletine can be made from crushed hazelnut flavoured loacker wafers with enough nutella to bind them. That will definitely become the base of some of my cakes, especially tiramisu. It would be nice to set up a cake business in Singapore over the summer to bake cakes for anyone who needs them. I’d probably have a no icing policy though (i.e. no messages saying happy birthday or whatever) on my beautiful cakes because those buttercream icing messages are so unhealthy and for noob chinese bakeries. it would be such an awesome job. my mum does have the spinning cake wheel thing that helps you to ice it (like a pottery wheel that spins the pots on top) and piping tips and spring form cake pans and everything that is necessary. I could use melted chocolate to waterproof everything and my house would have a perpetual supply of chocolate covered strawberries. The only snag is that there wouldn’t be much of a profit margin – cake making ingredients are already so expensive the cake you produce would be even more expensive than those in bakeries outside.

Also, I skipped analysis today (did the homework + algebra homework till 2 last night) and refused to wake up at 8am (what a pig) so there is no drawing exercise today.



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