New Top 5 Things To Order when I go back to Singapore

1. Char Kway Teow. I’ve never actually been a big fan. But it’s so oily and slippery and yummy and would be perfect for supper right now.

2. Chinese Mee Goreng. The spicy kind with all sorts of sea food I always order it and tell them “不要sotong” cause i can’t chew through squid.

3. Yam ring. Have been a fan of this since I really like yam. Not the way it’s done here, of course. I like the purple coloured yams that are mashed up and used to make yu jiao or this dish.

4. Soya bean everything. Soya bean milk, Soya bean ice cream, Soya bean curd, the ultra soft kind I was dreaming about a week ago.

I don’t know why the soy ice cream in singapore is so much tastier than the soy ice cream here which is supposed to be a low-fat version that doesn’t exploit the flavours of the soy bean.

5. Bbq chicken wings with lime. The correct way to barbeque chicken.

THis is for the benefit of people who are not going back over the summer or who are not going to be back for a long while yet!



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