My Favourite Things

I told Ed (my research prof) that the entire semester’s algebra homework is due next friday and cause the algebra prof didn’t collect it weekly, obviously most of us haven’t done it regularly (okay not true, just me and liangze =.=) and he laughed at me and said “You’re doomed!”

I am doomed.

I also met hubbard outside the math library the other day and we looked at each other and I smiled at him and he said “Is that Ivana?” (the only prof who can pronounce my name as it is) and I went up to him and he told me if I should want to go find him in his office one of these days he would be more than happy to talk to me. He couldn’t at that time cause he was really sick and germy (as he says). a bunch of other kids who did 223/224 with me were also there and jorge was talking to him too. Most of you know jorge better as “the unicycle guy”.
I loved hubbard so. He always made me feel so special, even though I really was not. And he was so gentlemanly. He must have thought I was a silly little thing, but I sent him funny emails, which was probably why he even bothered with me.



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