I just bought $70 of chocolate from the neuhaus online site. :O
this is getting out of control. it’s only 37 pieces though which would be finished in no time.
Then after taking this dip into my bank account i immediately went to the kate spade site to look for a handbag for my mum. >.>
what’s wrong with me? don’t really like any of their handbags (except the flamingo one).
I do like their shoes though. Like this one.

Judging by the prices of the handbags on the site I simply cannot see how they could possibly be cheaper than those in singapore. maybe i should be smarter and not buy the handbags on the official site.

can’t wait for my chocolate to get here on thursday! liangze thinks my greediness is cute. wait till he has to fund it.

last night i dreamt that i was back in singapore, under the mrt track between yio chu kang and khatib, where there’s the SLE exits to yishun. i dreamt that i just woke up in the car when my parents were sending me home from the airport and were about to cross the intersection, when i said “let’s go and eat dao hui! it’s at sembawang rd only right.”

it was a perfect morning.

the strangest part was I didn’t even recall the entire flight, which was weird. I was very excited about having slept through all 25 hours of it such that i didn’t recall a thing. also didn’t recall getting my luggage or passing through customs. I might seriously consider taking my sleeping pills for the flight back. I bought these sleep capsules when I had a really bad cough and kept coughing myself awake in my first year at Risley.



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