Well I’ve finally done it. Attached pictures to each of the posts in the poetry category and they look so much nicer, especially with this theme where all the pictures look like polaroids.

Today was the math spring concert and it was.. interesting. the standard of the performers was more or less the same as last year, only that liangze and i performed this yr. i did bolcom’s graceful ghost rag, my favourite violinist did kreisler’s prelude and allegro, while liangze did albeniz’s asturias. the only difference between us and most of the other performers is that we know we are bad, and felt really badly over every mistake, while a lot of the other performers who were abysmal were perfectly content performing their mediocrity to a hapless audience.

well, yipu’s performance of the kreisler (if you manage to ignore the accompaniment)
a particular reverie was very intimately performed.
almost everything a certain professor touched.
the chromatic fantasy and fugue was incredible. every single note was played with the same dynamic, some jutted out because he did not have his fingering sorted, he did not look at the score even though he had not memorised the piece, he broke down TWICE and GAVE UP on the second try. I seriously had nothing to say. Apart from the fact that it is very inconsiderate to choose such a long piece if you are only going to massacre it and force us to watch. Bach wouldn’t just have rolled over in his grave, he would have rolled over and given him the finger (well.. if not for the fact that he is a kapellmeister :P). The most annoying part was that the performer of the chromatic fantasy was the organiser of the entire shebang and he had put his piece last because he must have thought it would be the most glorious performance out of everyone’s. The last piece has to be the best, (as anyone with any concert programming skill will tell you) to end the concert off with a bang. So he slated himself as the last performer. SRSLY? arrogance is one thing, but unfounded arrogance really takes the cake. also in his programme notes he wrote that he has played the piano for over 25 years. I think the word ‘played’ is inappropriate. If he ever pulled that sort of thing in front of MEP students you can guarantee that the minute he left all of us would do impressions of his chromatic fantasy for our personal entertainment, and they wouldn’t be kind at all.

my rag had one glaring mistake, and i also did not open the lid of the piano because i did not deem it necessary (plus it might overpower the hall, considering the White house was not very large), but the later performers did it and the piano sounded much clearer. zhengkang liked it, and so did two other people in the audience i didn’t know. I suppose it was a nice interruption to the stream of classical/baroque music. It was really more for fun, and Ed liked it too, so i guess i am not super unhappy with my performance. Not real content with it either, but what to do.

The real highlight was when i asked yipu if he wanted a ride back home and then we got to talking and then he asked me to play with him next year!!! (which was what i was hoping for this year but then he played with RS again) i am really excited. he’s really a nice, quiet sort of chap and i didn’t scare him off this time, which means i must be improving in my social skillz. we talked about our churches and about practicing and about which pieces we liked and then lz came with the car and interrupted my affair :P damn.
(Just kidding I still love you) (I hope to goodness I never become one of those boring couples who use “dear” as a pronoun. It’s an adjective, and should stay an adjective. People have names for a reason. If both of you call each other “dear”, how are your children going to distinguish one of you from the other? Mama Dear and Papa Dear. Uncle Dear and Aunty Dear. Dear Wong and Dear Thng. Besides I think my name is so much prettier than “dear”. Oh, even worse are the adolescent ones who call each other “lao gong” and “lao po”. That just blows my mind.)


2 pensieri su “Finally

  1. hello ivana! :) your blog is so cute haha. i cracked up at your little piece about the usage of “dear” x) and your pictures look amazing :D hope all is going well for you!

  2. Hallo!! haha not all the pics are mine, neither are they credited coz some of them were illegally taken from flickr :P my blog is very grumbly and reads like an old man haha so it’s nice to read it when you feel grumpy.


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