Category theory

Here’s an explanation of the updated categories of my posts. (There’s a category cloud right at the bottom of the page titled What You See Is Not What You Get).
Beloved: On how much he loves me and the wonderful things that he does for me in proof.
Cracker Bag: Miscellaneous posts. Like a bag of crackers in the short film I posted on this blog a while ago. Explosive, cherished memories either of how stupid I was, or what interesting gobbets of knowledge I stumbled upon.
Hear No Evil: On music. Usually critiques of concerts I’ve been to or on my own recent performances.
High Fidelity: Posts with Top 5 or Top 10 lists, like in the book by Nick Hornby, where the protagonist thinks everything in life can be neatly categorised into Top Five anythings. A boy and a girl should go through their Top Five books and Top Five movies to figure out if they would click that way. Also in this category, any other post that reads like the life of Rob Gordon i.e. slightly loser, but indie-cool.
Jade: On the state of things in the world today and how predictable, disappointing, and unchangeable it is.
Kitchen: On cooking and/or eating.
Lieder mit Worte: In contrast to Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words, these posts are full of poems or non-trivial prose. Unless otherwise stated everything else on the blog is somewhat trivial prose.
Little sister: On the interactions between me and my big brother(s). I have a real big brother and some other older guys who take impeccable care of me and my feelings.
Ministry: On the interactions between me and my mortals.
My Big Book Of Grievances: As the title states.
NP-hard: Questions about life, the world, and everything where the answer is not 42 nor solvable in polynomial time.
Passepartout: On travelling. You would know if you have read Jules Verne. I was and remain a big fan. Read the entire 20,000 leagues under the sea at one netball carn. They used to hold the rgs netcarn at the netball centre at kranji? And after getting my attendance card signed, i’d crawl to the nearest mcdonalds (walking distance) with a good fat book and drown out the thick suspension of athleticism, sweat, and bimbo talk in the atmosphere.
Siddartha: On great revelations.
Soli Deo Gloria: On Christianity.
The Dreams of Youth: On love.
The Most Constant of Friends: On books. Great tomes, little fun sketches, pop-ups, etc.
Think Geek: On what I actually study.
Time Wasting: On the many and multifarious pointless things that run through this little brain of mine when I’m not thinking about math (which is a lot of the time). Usually the most interesting category, depending on how simple-minded/quirky you are.
When in Rome…: On/in Italian
赌神: On gambling



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