Egg salad

The day we left for Copenhagen, I made us a huge paper bag of goodies to take on the 5 hr bus ride to new york city, since we’d be missing lunch. Just the one bottle of soda (wegman’s pirated version of fanta) because we didn’t want to take toilet breaks on the bus.
There were so many things in the bag, kit kat, chocolate chip cookies, my marshmallow/fruity pebble treats, strawberries, and two sandwiches – one ham mustard cheese and one egg salad surprise (the surprise was porkfloss in the middle). we ate everything except the egg salad sandwich because we were too full, and then we reached NYC a lot earlier than our flight was due to leave and so headed to chinatown (jfk is south of port authority and south of chinatown anyway) to eat at nyonya. it was hit and miss, we had frog legs and ice kachang and bubur chacha and satay and chilli kang kong there (yes we’re still talking about two people), and of course the egg salad sandwich was neglected. I really wanted to give it to a hobo (since I had spent time and effort making it quite yummy) and there is after all no shortage of hobos in new york city.

We ended up abandoning the sandwich at the Howard Beach subway station wrapped in aluminium foil with a pink satin ribbon tied around it (both sandwiches were wrapped that way) and hoped a hobo would come along and eat it.

i’ve always felt bad about leaving that sandwich behind. it was like putting a child up for adoption.



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