The Final Lap

to freedom!
the prelim is due at 5pm tomorrow, I still have about half of it to go >.< which is quite a bit. i don't know if i'll get to sleep tonight.
But it is a weekend of lovely things. Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto with Nicolas Lugansky on Friday (sold out too in Bailey Hall, well done. I'm glad lz and I got our tickets sorted out in january. the lesser members of his music class (they have to critique the concert for class) were not able to get tickets. I have nothing to say (why are they even in that class?)) <– LaTeX is making me very good at closing all my parentheses after my code has Fatal Error!ed me so many times due to incomplete parentheses.

And then charlotte (and maybe linmin?) will come over on saturday and we will have crepes! Bought this fantastically high-tech bottle of crepe powder from Copenhagen that is about 1/3 filled, and one has to pour in milk to make up the volume of the entire bottle and it will magically become the perfect crepe mix. I've got emmental cheese and ham and nutella to go with that, just need some bananas and maybe strawberries.. I don't have the cool crepe scraper thing though that allows one to push a small amount of batter all around the pan.

Liangze and I want to take Justine to Purity Ice Cream on saturday night to have some ice cream since she passed her defence for her master's thesis. (Haven't asked her yet, maybe she's not free, and maybe we will go ahead ourselves :P such good plans should not go to waste even if the main point of the plan is not going)
She never told us she passed her defence when we went grocery shopping with her on the very day she passed. Which leads me to conclude that my housemates are not very good at sharing their joy. Cheryl also never let on when she got into all the grad schools she wanted (although she was never very subtle so we could all tell anyway). Maybe cause she knew we would ask her to treat us :P I don't understand why people don't share when great things happen to them! Are they uncomfortable telling me? Yet they are comfortable living with me. It's so strange.

Ok I better get off this distracting place and go finish up the prelim. ugh ugh ugh.



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