New Dream

I want lessons at Le Cordon Bleu. Somehow one of the stories on fb linked to this guy’s baking album with really uniform macarons in it! At first I thought it was a girl’s, because well i only ever know of girls who make macarons. But it was a guy and the album looked fantastic, the cakes and the presentation and the piping etc. and i thought “Here’s a chap who is way pro-er than i am, I wonder where he gets his training”

A quick google search revealed an article re. his graduation from Le Cordon Bleu:THis is the ‘dean’s list’ from 2008 and look how many singaporeans there are!

unfortunately the earliest i’d be able to do something like that is after completing my bond.. which would be after completing my PhD.. but i’ve definitely got to do this at least once in my life. the patisserie diplome in paris! the cuisine diplome looks like a lot of work, the basic cuisine course covers

Introduction to French Cuisine:
French culinary terms & definitions
Organization, safety and hygiene in the kitchen
Professional knife handling and introduction to diverse cuts
Classic French techniques
Learning foundations : stocks, sauces, forcemeats & doughs

… when does one get to touch real food?? I don’t need to organize my kitchen, my kitchen only has me in it.
And the superior cuisine course has a module called “Development of personal creativity”. You can teach that???

This one liangze’s fields medal can pay for. lol.



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