Today’s LA Times crossword was really bad. Didn’t get the theme clue (don’t play pool NOR know the terminology) and all the british spellings did not jump out at me because I spell things britishly anyway. pajamas vs pyjamas? I didn’t even notice. and ‘control centre’ vs. ‘control center’? I type ‘r’ before ‘e’ ALL the time and then the american spelling trips me up. So i was in the dark for most of the puzzle, and VERY discouraged because it’s only a thursday. Went on Crossword Confidential and saw that many other people were disgruntled, for the wrong reasons. Not getting the theme or the britishisms is one thing, but to be racist about it? Don’t blame other people for your own ignorance. For the record, I am definitely pro-British anti-American, if sides have to be taken. There are things I like about both peoples, but more things I like about the British (i.e. they don’t think that they are definitive. They don’t think their politics are definitive, or that their history is definitive, or that their food is definitive, because they obviously are not. neither is American politics or history or food definitive but if you as much as let slip that you don’t know the name of the wife of the father of the aunt of some pth president of the USA where p is prime, everyone here will stare at you like you’re some sort of moron. ) A greater awareness I guess is what it is called, of their own shortcomings and idiosyncrasies, which makes most of them so self-deprecating instead of obnoxious.



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