So apparently Yale is starting a dog-lending scheme in their library together with their books to help students relieve stress. they get to take the dog out for 30 minutes at a time and play with it, no news as to the breed (although i think a happy golden retriever puppy would be a good choice for this purpose). That’s amazing. The most the Cornell library lends is books and laptops and headphones, objects that are obviously passe for a library to be loaning out.
The best part of the article is the quote at the end by john witt, one of the professors who was in the dark about the scheme:

“I’m surprised to hear of it. I’ve always found library books to be therapeutic. But maybe that’s just me. “

The special music today at church went wonderfully with only two minor glitches and everyone loved it. it was really fortuitous that ave maria was in Bb, as was the hymn ‘My tribute’, which I arranged and played for the evening service. Well that’s one piece off my plate, and I can go back to learning Bolcom’s graceful ghost rag and my actually piano lesson music which I have not touched of late >.< i love how everyone in church can come up to me and tell me exactly what i played. its wasnt obscure at all, it was schuberts ave maria, not even the bach-gounod one. but i know wouldnt be able to expect that back at home.



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