I’ve been thinking about it a lot. and I’ve decided that people who make commitments they never keep are not worth keeping as friends.
Well it’s something I’ve always known, but I’m quite bad at weeding out people from my social circle because I actually feel bad about hurting their feelings. And there are hardly things such as “break ups” for friends. Although I have quite a few people I would love to break up with if there were such a concept.
Of course, I could always feed them the classic “It’s not you, it’s me” line.
The result of all my half-hearted, diplomatic weeding is a fairly large group of people who think they are my friends but the feeling isn’t quite mutual.
You are characterized by the following basic character flaws:
– You say we should have lunch/dinner and do not follow up on this flippant remark (on the rare occasion I am uncynical enough to take you seriously)
– You make an appointment and then find out you have something on later and cancel, or you ask me out on ridiculously short notice, as if my social schedule isn’t packed already. please.
– You say you are going to get something for me (information, something I need, notes, a gift, A SNOWMAN POSTCARD, etc.) and you promptly forget all about it (>.> mingsee).


There are more lists to come.



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