Just discovered today that some Japanese ATMs sterilize the cash they dispense! see here. i was asking him if he thought atms sterilize cash they get (for deposit) before redistributing them and we decided to google it. apparently cleanliness in japan is a “cultural obsession”. well i bet sheldon would like to live there.

we’ve just finished watching season 2,3,4 of big bang theory. watched stairway to heaven on the flight to copenhagen (his extended life battery allows the laptop to run for 8 hours on battery (y) but that will not last the flight back to singapore so we’ll have to book a cathay flight, which provides sockets but i think only from jfk to hong kong.) and big bang theory on the way back to new york.

we dropped by joe’s shanghai (which sounds really sketchy because of it’s english name) but is zagat rated and actually has excellent xiao long bao. by the time we got to eat it was about 9pm (by then my favorite ramen place had closed) and so we ordered a bunch of stuff and asked michelle to join us. michelle is this girl from china who has been climbing up the tower to see my chimes concerts. she’s a grad student who’s getting a PhD in sociology and unabashedly invites herself over to my place for meals. well she had a hotel room in manhattan so we stopped over and stayed with her for a night. i definitely needed to recover from the flight before the 5 hr bus ride up to ithaca. the next morning we ate apples and merci chocolates for breakfast and drank coffee and cocoa from the cool machine in the hotel room that runs on little tubs of cocoa mix/coffee powder. you press a button and the lid for the tub pops open and you put the entire thing in, close it, and another lid pops open for you to pour a cup of water in. you then place the emptied cup under the spout and press start, and it starts brewing your cocoa/coffee like a coffee maker. it was terribly nifty! although i bet all of you stopped reading about five lines before. okay, ten lines, i shall not flatter myself. at the end you just remove the empty tub (which has a hole punched in the top and in the bottom, all very clean). and the coffee selection was emeril lagasse. after that she dragged us off to the museum of natural history to look at dinosaurs. O.o

during the course of this entire escapade i discovered that i will do a lot of things for my friends. such as taking lots of inane photos and appearing like a feckless ultra-asian tourist.



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