Profound thoughts in the deep of the night

while lying in my brother’s room at in the dark at 3am whispering like school children cause he was asleep
me: do you know something? if anyone farts in the dark, it’s everyone’s fault!
liangze: that only works if there are 3 people. if there are 2 people if anyone farts both of you know exactly who did.
so true. i felt so enlightened after discussing that although now i cannot for the life of me remember why.

copenhagen’s great. all my brother’s food is vegan-y tho cause i just found out he’s lactose intolerant. o.o
the mcdonald’s here has jalapeno poppers and mozzarella stars!
am cooking dinner tonight for him and his housemate. no clue what to make with all the vegan-y things. >.<
but first were supposed to bike to the aquarium lol. and we woke up 3 hours after schedule. meh. the schedule was unfeasible anyway. who wakes up at 8am during spring break?



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